Monday, February 21, 2011

Solving System of Equations using Gauss Elimination Method (Part 5)

Let's continue from [Solving System of Equations using Gauss Elimination Method (Part 4)]. Now you know how to enter data and solve a set of linear equations using our program. Now it's time to see how to setup another set of equations. Let's try to solve system of equations with 10 unknowns.

From the following screen, click "Main Menu".

Program will move to main screen with pop-up windows. Enter number of equations to be solved, for this example, enter 10 and click OK.

Warning screen will appear as follows. Please note that the program allows to keep only 1 set of equations at a time. Existing equations will be deleted we you set new equations. If you wish to solve new set of equations, click "Yes".

Program will move back to the calculation screen. You'll find matrix [A] with 10x10 dimensions, vector {B} with 10x1 dimensions and vector {X} with 10x1 dimensions. The program erased all existing data and create new table automatically.

Try enter the following values.

And click "Solve" to see the results.

You can recheck the result by multiplying matrix [A] with vector {X} using "=MMULT($B3:$K3,$L$3:$L$12)" in cell M3 of the following screen. I just copy it from excel program to another excel workbook and put those formula to confirm the computation results. You will find that the results are the same as vector {B}.

Let's watch the video clip and get a download link for this Gauss Elimination Equations Solver in the next post.

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